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We love this burner at Peace Junkie for two reasons…

First, it looks BEAUTIFUL!

Second, it’s a much safer alternative to an enclosed cavity burner which can heat up to such high temperatures, they can cause burns or even smash causing a fire hazard. Not to be too dramatic!

Feel free to read our blog post about burners on the website.

This metal wax melt burner offers easy maintenance, as it can be cleaned with water or a damp cloth. Its compact size makes it ideal for table centerpieces. Additionally, it serves as both an aromatherapy burner and a stylish decorative piece for home or office. The hollow-out design allows light to create beautiful patterns on walls and floors.


- Color: Gold

- Material: Ceramic, Metal

- Net Weight: 300g

Package Contents:

- 1 x Essential Oil Burner (Candle Not Included)

Geometric wax melt burner

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